table skirtings

Particularly elegant and festive for your buffet table.

With different folding techniques – according to your needs:

Pleat: the conventional standard fold

Box pleat: during production, three metres of fabric are used for every metre of skirting. With this classic pleat you will achieve a special ambience. Skirtings are fixed to the edge of the table by clips or a Velcro.

With gathers: this is an inexpensive solution during the production of which, two metres of fabric are used for every metre of skirting. So the cloth is nice and well-spaced and gives your buffet table a festive ambiency.

Pleat type: gathers = SKR, pleat = SPL, box pleat = SKE.

Dimensions: table’s circumference = length (max. length recommended per unit ca. 7 m) + an overlap of 10 cm + a 2% after-wash shrinkage of the Velcro strap; height is the height of the table top edge of platform minus 2 cm, we manufacture every height from the respective yard goods.

Mounting method (per running metre we recommend to use 4 or 5 clips): for connecting 2 skirtings and for the overlap you additionally use clip D.

100% polyester
Additional Information:
non-iron, washable at 40°C, Velcro tape that is 5 cm wide on the inside, up to 72 cm of height